Movement & Yoga

The human organism was designed to move!

To achieve and maintain full health it is absolutely essential to be active, mobile and occasionally test our limits.

There are numerous ways to do this and the key is to find your own way, a way that you enjoy and most importantly feel motivated to continue doing. You do not need to spend hours slogging away in a gym, just be active in a way that moves the body in all directions and above all else, have fun.

I have been teaching exercise for pretty much all of my adult life, and myself have tried just about every style going, any exercise has benefits but the more knowledge i gained in this field the more i would encourage following a activity that is not regularly exhausting and high impact, stimulate not annihilate!

For me the practise of yoga does take some beating because it covers every aspect of health and well being.

Yoga means different things to different people and people decide to take up this practice for a whole variety of reasons but overall it has the same affect on all of us who follow this lifestyle, that is, a fantastic feeling of mobility and true inner strength along with the deep inner peace and calm.

It is a journey of the self and the realisation that there is no such thing as the separate self, allowing us to see our true connection to all that is! In an age of  increasing stress and chronic disease this is very important. So it is no wonder so many are looking for a new way to feel good and maintain a healthy body and mind.