Walking Days


Setting up StartLivingWell has enabled me to share one of my biggest passions with a much larger audience.

Ten years ago I started to organise walking trips a couple of times a year to share my joy of spending time in the beautiful mountains and countryside with others. This proved to be so popular that I started to organise the trips more regularly and added various challenges like the three-peak challenge into the yearly calendar.

Walking and just being in the great outdoors has always been a huge part of my life and not being in these places regularly is simply inconceivable to me. Without doubt it has been my time spent in such beautiful places that has allowed me to remain grounded and keep a healthy perspective on life.

It is no surprise to me that the importance of dedicating time outside in nature has now been given serious attention by all those that study human health and particularly human psychology. So many have become disconnected from their natural world and with that have started to lose perspective of the bigger picture and the ability to deal with life’s little challenges.

So if you’re interested in joining me for one of our trips or if you and some friends fancy doing either of the  three-peak challenges I would love to share the experience with you.

The walks are graded from 1 -5, with 1 being easy where anyone with a reasonable level of fitness can participate and 5 being physically demanding requiring a very good level of fitness.

Contact me to find out more about my organised Walking Days or check out my Event Calendar.

I look forward to sharing some quality time with you.