Stress is NOT just a word!

 It has an impact on our health and well-being that if left unchecked will wreak havoc on our delicate homeostasis and seriously impact our immunity to a degree so serious it can eventually lead to death.

Living in a state of stress means to be running on adrenaline most of the day and this leads to exhaustion of the nervous system – it was simply never designed to be the predominant system for day to day living. Its main purpose was to kick in when danger appeared to allow us to respond quickly and therefore avoiding the threat.

In our modern era it seems to have become the default way to live but the health consequences are becoming so obvious that just about everyone is now aware of the issue and seeking ways to restore balance and, with it, our natural state of health.

There are many ways to start to reduce your stress levels and most are easily implemented.

This is an area that I have studied for many years and with this knowledge can help you to make the right choices which will soon reduce your stress levels.