I am not a newcomer to this industry and have over the past 20 plus years dedicated myself to developing my knowledge and understanding of all areas of human health and my prices reflect my experience.

I’ve created the  pricing plan to offer a choice of options depending on the service and level of coaching required, giving my clients as much flexibility as possible to find the perfect package and only pay for exactly what you need.

I offer consultations and training online or via home visits. I do encourage where possible at least one face to face meeting to allow you to meet me and for me to get to know you. There after we can arrange a meeting at an appropriate time to discuss your progress. These meetings are optional but are proven to be very beneficial to you as a customer. The initial consultation is free with only travel expenses charged if outside the Norwich boundary.


Package one £1000 = 12 week all inclusive,full lifestyle review, fitness and stress management program, includes 2 one to one sessions per week, full diet analysis and plan with monthly review.

Package two £200 = Full diet analysis and 30 day detailed diet plan

Package three £30 = 1 hour one to one Yoga/ fitness sessions

Package four £300 = 10 one to one yoga/fitness sessions

package five £200 = 4 week stress management program

Travel expenses are charged at 40pp mile outside of the Norwich boundary.

Contact me using this form to book a consultation, request a program or purchase time packages, or call me direct on the number at the bottom of the page.