Lets get one thing straight from the off, there exists an enormous amount of nonsense on this subject and most of it is driven by the various areas of the media! I have studied this area of life for over 20 years with serious gusto and have gained a total understanding of what healthy eating really is, so let’s get you on the right track.

Nutrition is absolutely fundamental to optimum human health! BUT…. so much of the information given to people is misleading. i am always amazed how many people go along with trends and new ideas without really questioning this information. The reality is we should not eat half of the food that we do and most could save a fortune on their grocery bill every week by removing these unnecessary food items.

From allergies to ageing, the majority of health issues that tend to plague us are a reaction to consuming certain food items that are unsuitable for us. These in turn cause irritation and inflammation to our digestive system and disruption to the delicate bacteria which help us to absorb the nutrients from the food we eat and keep us healthy.

My intention is to not only design a complete healthy eating plan for you but also to explain the reasons why certain foods should NOT be part of our modern diet. In most cases people simply don’t understand the links between the foods we choose to consume and the impact those foods have on our overall health, including our brain health.  Not surprising given the mind blowing amount of conflicting information that is constantly circulating in the media.

There simply is no more important area of your life to get right than this one!