Chris Yates


During my competing days

From as early age as i can remember i felt the need to move, to be connected to my natural world and to care for other people. Every choice i have  taken in my life was to enhance those areas of my life, occasionally resulting in my life journey not always being as straight forward as it could be but those very life journeys are what shaped my future decisions as they do with all of us.

At this stage of my life my goal is to share the knowledge i have gained from nearly 30 years of dedication to the subject of human health and happiness.

I loved sport from day one and had a particular attraction to athletics, martial arts and cycling. I was drawn to the world of Bodybuilding around the age of 16,after picking up a copy of muscle and fitness,i was attracted to the beautiful sculpted shape that the body could develop, and the joy and vitality that the athletes radiated was really appealing.

I decided to make this my sport and dedicated myself to it to see what i could achieve. Being a very skinny teenager i had a serious challenge. It took serious effort and many years but eventually i trained myself to win the British Championships both as a junior then as a senior.

For many the achievement of a body and title such as this is a life goal but having lived this way for a good period of my younger life i began to see this way of living and training very differently indeed, whilst it was fulfilling to achieve the goal i had set out too, i realised that there was no more to gain from continuing this journey, so the time had come for a totally new experience and the need to apply the same level of dedication to growing my academic knowledge, that i previously had to developing my physique, university was calling.

The one very important lesson this period of my life taught me was the huge impact our food intake has on the way we look and feel.  I began looking for alternative ways to look after myself, along came yoga and 6 years later i’m still here and absolutely loving it, so it was only natural for me to add this to my current teaching subjects.

I qualified as a PT instructor 25 years ago in Cambridge and since then have studied Human Psychology, Philosophy and Personal development to allow me to have a well balanced perspective in the area of human health. This study has resulted in a complete change in my own approach to life and how and what I teach people.

During my 25 years as an instructor i have seen many changes in the way people approach their health and fitness along with the  importance of overall well being getting far more exposure.

I’ve always believed that before you can teach anything you need to truly understand it and to do that you need to actually experience it, not just read about it. So I’ve immersed myself in as many new approaches, ideas and concepts as I could for the purpose of gaining real life experience of what really works and what doesn’t.

Along with my yoga teaching, I am currently studying for a masters degree in Human Health and Food Science….

So it is with this 30 year journey of real-life experience in all areas of health and fitness that I confidently offer a refreshing approach to keeping healthy and maintaining a positive mind set.

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