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StartLivingWell is the home of human health restoration and positive self-development based on 28 years of studying Human Psychology,Anatomy & Physiology and Nutrition.

Life is supposed to be fun and taking care of yourself should be too.
To achieve complete human health is about understanding the fundamental principles that underpin our well-being..

My ultimate aim is to provide you with the knowledge and understanding on these fundamental areas of human health and how best to build your lifestyle around these areas to enhance your quality of life.

I am a teacher who has understood the importance of doing things for the right reasons!!

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What I can offer

Healthy Eating and Health Restoring Nutrition Plans

We design daily food plans which achieve optimal health and increase energy and vitality as well as specialised plans to enhance performance for various training disciplines and plans to overcome specific health problems. Information for why certain foods are in each plan will be included. Plans can be adapted to meet specific dietary requirements.


Stress Management and Healthy Lifestyle Plans

Plans to help create a more positive lifestyle pattern to decrease stress levels and increase wellbeing. Plans include daily activities to realign mind body and spirit to help change your mindset and increase productivity to meet future goals or change old habits. These plans encompass a different way of looking at daily life to allow you to gain clarity and work-life balance in a refreshing way.

Individually Tailored Active Lifestyle Plans

Programs to tone the body and increase mobility and flexibility for those looking to begin a physical training program for general health and fitness reasons, programs for rehabilitation from injury and programs for specific workouts for a chosen sport (running, cycling, strength and conditioning, bodybuilding etc) and a huge variety of unique circuit programs.

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